About Darla Loomis

Darla Murray Loomis, a third-generation entrepreneur and award-winning pioneer in the Beauty Industry is an heart-centered environmental entrepreneur, author, artist, mentor and teacher of “love, beauty, and the creative power. She facilitates workshops for women executives and leaders to open to the unfolding of our creative, feminine expression as a bridge to Spirit, to that which is Sacred. She has taught in the beauty and wellness industry for over 25 years.

Her clients have included: Aveda Corporation, Calvin Klein, and entrepreneurs, and executives in the beauty and wellness industry throughout the United States who have drawn inspiration, and empowerment from Darla as a visionary and teacher.

She introduces us to her unique process called “The Heroic Dreamer,” the sweat equity of our creative imagination. A process of giving birth to our Authentic Self and creating work we love that supports us in our daily life thru the power and the practice of the Creative. She shares how necessary dreams are as an essential element in women’s changing lives, and facilitates a unique exploration to discover the options and obstacles women face in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

Darla teaches women to bring about a new extended insight and spiritual birth in our work and our individual creativity. These two components (work and creativity) will serve as the horses that will carry the chariot and assist deep changes at the core of the way America does business. Harmonizing two cultures: “The Sacred and the Marketplace”, which is the name of her book being published in 2017.